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Posted 05/18/2023 by Singer Land Fund llc

Land For Sale in Arizona | 360 Mountin views with Road Footage and Power running Along | $99 Down $99 a Month

Birch Rd, Cochise, AZ 85606, USA
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THIS PROPERTY IS OWNER FINANCED Other Adjacent lots also available  .

60 MONTHLY PAYMENTS: $99.00  0% Interest
NO "DOC FEES" OR HIDDEN COST" THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!Parcel: 11406011 Adjacent lot also available

An Absolutely stunning property just outside one of Americas coolest towns, Cochise  AZ of Cochise County. This .51 Acre lot EACH, has some of the most magnificent views in the area, with easy assess to Highway, Power, and BLM Land. In fact, more houses are popping up in the street, so power is literally across the street. I sell a lot of land, the question I get asked a lot, Can I live off grid? Can I bring my RV? Usually this ends with a disappointing NO, but in Cochise County with lenient zoning, YOU CAN HERE! All of this for $10.64 in taxes a YEAR!! (Near LOTS ALSO AVAILABLE). As you can see all the nearby properties are soaring in price! Homes that can built for 60k are selling for 150k. Adjacent lot also available This is the perfect lot to Build, Camp, Invest, and expanded your real-estate in the 3RD FASTES GROWING STATE! See for yourself, campgrounds and airbnb is popping up everywhere out here and the market isn't seeming to slow down. Plus, these are walkable into town, the beautiful Golf Course. 

HOW DOES THIS WORK?? Adjacent lot also available1: Message me all your questions or when you make the decision to buy.2: If you'd like to owner finance, you will receive a Contract for Deed and need the following info.. - Full Legal name(s) or Business - Physical Address & Contact info.3: Once the Contract is signed make your down Payment via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.4: Installments will start the nearest 1st or 15th of the month with taxes Divided by 12.5. THE PROPERTY IS ALL YOURS!WHY BUY FROM ME? - I allow full use of land during financing - ZERO INTEREST - NO B.S. "DOC FEES"..I'm not charging customers to type letters in the Air Conditioning. - I have been to ALL of my properties. - 5 day property inspection for a Money Back Guarantee - NO PAY OFF PENALTIES (why would punish customers paying early??)


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Price $6,039.00

Birch Rd, Cochise, AZ 85606, USA

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