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Posted 10/28/2022 by Singer Land Fund llc

Land For Sale Bisbee Arizona HWY FOOTAGE & Power Near $99 Down $99 a MONTH 0%

Bisbee, AZ 85603, USA
Acres: 5
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Down Payment: $99

120 Months: $99 @ 0%

Total Sale Price: $11,880.00

This is a chance to own an EXTREMELY rare property. This beautiful 1.17 Acre property is a minutes drive from one of the most popular Tourist towns, Bisbee Arizona, and only 90 Minutes from Tucson. Why so rare? There is plenty of land here, but NOT with 119 Feet of Highway road footage and POWER RUNNING across the south of the property! On top of that and crazy flexible zoning restrictions. 

THIS IS A BIG DEAL! The property is zoned R-36 so would be a great place to invest in building a home or business in the 5th Fastest growing state and one of the most lienant building codes in the Country. In Cochise County, AZ there are actual allowances for opt-out building codes and TINY HOMES. Nearby Airbnbs in Bisbee rent at an average of $120 a night with occupancy at 85% generating $3,162 a month of PASSIVE INCOME! The potential here is nearly limitless when you are creative. All of this with combined taxes of $66.72 a year.......yes, per year. Nearby by homes are in the SIX-FIGURES....and SELLING.

Throughout off-grid sites and forums you will see an tremendous flock of people all sharing plans of building and opting in for the easy permits in Cochise County. But YOU will be one of the very few with easy accessible land on a major HWY between Douglas and Bisbee Arizona.

This property is priced for a quick cash sale. I have "NO DOC FEES" or hidden costs. Do not let this opportunity go, land is being bought up here quickly, especially with the recent legalizations to of that particular "plant"

Parcel: 10136071  .71 Acre
Parcel: 10136091 .46

TOTALING 1.17 Acres

Down Payment: $99

120 Months: $99 @ 0%Total Sale Price: $11,880.00


 1: Message me all your questions or when you make the decision to buy.
2: If you'd like to owner finance, you will receive a Contract and need the following info.. - Full Legal name(s) or Business - Physical Address & Contact info.
3: Once the Contract is signed click "Buy-it-NOW" and make your payment via certified funds
4: Once Payment has cleared, a signed another notarized deed will be sent to you for your signature, then mailed to the county. (I will cover the recording fee) 5. THE PROPERTY IS ALL YOURS!

 Here are a few reasons why buying land in Cochise County, Arizona might be a good investment:

  1. Location: Cochise County is located in the southeastern corner of Arizona, near the border with Mexico and the state of New Mexico. It's a great place to live if you love the Southwest and want to be close to popular destinations like Tombstone and Bisbee.

  2. Natural beauty: Cochise County is known for its stunning natural beauty, with many opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, horseback riding, and birdwatching. The county is home to parts of the Chiricahua Mountains, which are known for their unique rock formations and diverse plant and animal life.

  3. Affordable prices: Land prices in Cochise County tend to be more affordable compared to other parts of Arizona, such as Phoenix or Tucson. This makes it a great place to buy land if you're looking for a more budget-friendly option.

  4. Growing population: The population of Cochise County has been steadily increasing in recent years, which can be a good sign for potential land buyers. As more people move to the area, demand for land may increase, potentially leading to appreciation in value.

  5. Diverse economy: While agriculture is a major industry in Cochise County, the area is also home to a diverse range of businesses, including manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. This can be beneficial for land owners, as it means there are many potential opportunities for economic development in the area.

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Price $11,880.00
Acres: 5096.00

Bisbee, AZ 85603, USA

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