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Posted 08/15/2023 by Five Rounds Holdings LLC

Easy Ownership, Simple Terms | Road Frontage, Corner Lot with Power | $99 Down & $99 a Month

1101 Clark Ln, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512, USA
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Opportunity Awaits in Horseshoe Bend! Easy Ownership, Simple Terms.

Property Details:

  • Address: 1101 Clark Ln, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512, USA
  • Subdivision: Tract D, Block/Lot: 1/1, S-T-R: 05-18-07
  • Parcel: 800-02274-000 (Adjacent lots available)

Investment Simplified:

  • Down Payment: Just $99
  • 60 Monthly Payments: $99 (0% Interest)
  • Total Price: $6,039 - No hidden fees!

Horseshoe Bend Highlights:

  • Nestled in the scenic Ozark Mountains, a haven for nature lovers.
  • Proximity to cultural landmarks like the Mark Twain Boyhood Home.
  • A bustling blend of agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.
  • Witness a spike in campgrounds and Airbnb listings.
  • An affordable entry into one of the nation's fastest-growing states.

Why Choose This Property?

  1. Transparency: No hidden "doc fees" or unexpected costs.
  2. Flexibility: Utilize the land during the financing period.
  3. Trustworthiness: No liens or back taxes to worry about.
  4. Support: 5-day property inspection with a money-back guarantee. No penalties for early payoff.

Getting Started:

  1. Drop me a message for queries or to express your interest.
  2. For owner financing, provide your full name, address, and contact info.
  3. Sign the Contract for Deed that will be sent to you, and make the down payment via Zelle or PayPal or Venmo.
  4. Monthly installments commence on the nearest 1st or 15th, with taxes factored in.
  5. Enjoy the journey to ownership!

Note: Ensure due diligence. Verify zoning with the county and consult professionals before investing. While we strive for accuracy, buyers should independently verify property details.

Invest wisely, the future is written in today's choices.


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Price $6,039.00

1101 Clark Ln, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512, USA

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